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Case Studies

Businesses we've helped recently

EduKey Education

We’ve been communications partners with Edukey in Fishguard since summer 2015. We installed a Category 5e data network to support a VoIP telephone system with Grandstream handsets. The company is expanding rapidly and the telephone system has more than doubled in size since installation, and now supports several remote users – even one in Chicago, who can handle calls as if she were in the main office! We help Edukey with their developing needs and help them stay one step ahead of the competition through regular analysis of their call flow.

NOMNOM Chocolate

NOMNOM is a chocolate factory in Llanboidy, producing some of the most delicious and mouth-watering chocolate we have ever tasted. We took a call from their founder and MD, Liam Burgess, one late night in June 2016 as the telephony setup was struggling to cope with the growing size of the business. NOMNOM were managing with 2 crackly analogue phone lines, and Liam was concerned that orders were being lost when people couldn’t get through. We parachuted in and deployed a new phone system with 6 Grandstream GXP2170 handsets, and since then the team have been able to transfer calls with ease. Voice messages are now sent as e-mails and we have since been able to transition NOMNOM to high quality, high capacity VoIP connections.

Hangar Five

We’re proud to be Communication Partners of this fantastic venue on the outskirts of Haverfordwest. We installed the entire data network, computer system, telephone system, Wi-Fi and CCTV at Hangar 5 – as well as providing the memorable 01437 700555 telephone number and SIP channels. We maintain the systems currently in place to ensure compliance with strict insurance requirements as well as providing technical support on an ongoing basis. We love Hangar 5 and think it’s a fantastic attraction – a definite ‘must visit’!

Rice Plumbing & Heating

When Shelley at Rice Plumbing & Heating phoned to ask what we could do about her phone line woes, we were only too pleased to help out. We moved Rice Plumbing & Heating from a single-line, poor quality domestic system to a state-of-the-art, multi-channel VoIP platform in 2015. The business is expanding and we’ve been able to double the size of their phone system with ease. We’ve worked with Luke and Shelley ever since, and have set up features such as ‘on call engineer’ mode and an out-of-hours voicemail facility.



Ael Y Bryn

Robert and Arwel at Ael y Bryn contacted us with concerns about the quality of their existing domestic telephone system. Ael y Bryn is a unique B&B in Eglwyswrw, Pembrokeshire, based in a particularly challenging building for wireless connectivity. We carefully designed and installed a custom Gigaset DECT cordless system with various repeaters to ensure total coverage of the house and grounds. Telephone calls are no longer distorted and crackly, and Robert & Arwel no longer have to embarrassingly ask callers to repeat their names and telephone numbers time and time again.

Anchor Guesthouse

We worked with Helen at Anchor Guesthouse to replace a domestic Wi-Fi system which was running a little slowly and broadcasting different SSIDs for different parts of this wonderful guesthouse. We designed and installed a brand new, dual-band system in a matter of days and guests can now enjoy high speed, quality Wi-Fi when they stay. We also provided a splash page design service to further enhance the guest experience.

Broad Haven Holiday Park

We replaced an ageing Meraki 2.4GHz Wi-Fi system at Broad Haven in time for the 2016 season. Guests were complaining that their Wi-Fi was running slowly, whilst the park was paying over the odds for hardware licensing and an outdated profit share arrangement – not to mention that the support company were less than forthcoming with solutions to the speed issue. We worked closely with the management to design and implement a replacement network with 5GHz capability and wired backhaul. Our solution delivered over and beyond what we promised it would, and 2016 saw an incredible amount of data pass through the system. We also provided and maintain a Load Balancing system to ensure there is adequate bandwidth available at peak times.

Cwmwythig Cottages

We worked with Nia at Cwmwythig Cottages in early January 2016 to deploy new Wi-Fi networks at 2 of their guest accommodation sites. Wi-Fi had previously been slow with patchy coverage, however our system is now fast and reliable – with the added bonus of having a custom designed splash page for users to log in to. We also installed a 5GHz wireless backhaul link between two properties to negate the need for an additional costly broadband line to be installed. We thoroughly enjoy working with Cwmwythig – another place on our ‘must-see’ list.



Twyi Dental

When Emyr from Tywi Dental Practice in Llandeilo first got in touch, he was convinced that he and his team were regularly missing calls. There was only 1 telephone line at the practice and, if more than one call came in at a time, callers would get ‘engaged’ tones. This was bad for business. We completed a review of the telephony usage within the business and were able to recommend a switch to VoIP telephony for overspill calls. With a small change in the type of cordless base being used in the practice, Tywi Dental were able to keep their existing handsets – however, they can now take up to 6 calls at a time so no caller gets left wondering why they can’t get through. On average, Tywi Dental Practice were losing over 30 unique calls a week before our solution was introduced – can you imagine how much business that equates to?

Stackpole Inn

The Stackpole Inn is a very popular, very highly regarded Pub, Restaurant & Guest Accommodation in Stackpole, near Pembroke. As picturesque as it is, there is absolutely no mobile telephone service in Stackpole – and, whilst this would be a good thing for some, Gary was concerned that his overnight guests wouldn’t be able to get hold of assistance if they needed it. We recommended and installed a Gigaset cordless solution with VoIP lines running over an existing broadband connection, so that guests can reach for the phone if they need it. The system costs less than ‘2 pints of lager and a packet of crisps’ to keep running each month, but Gary now has the peace of mind in knowing that his guests are safe and well looked-after.

Llwyngwair Manor

We’ve worked with Llwyngwair Manor for a number of years on improving their communications and data infrastructure. From the provision of a new telephone system, to analogue cabling, and the installation of a new outdoor Wi-Fi network with 5GHz backhaul – we’ve done it all.


Expost is a rapidly-expanding virtual mailbox company based here in Pembrokeshire, with serious ambitions for 2017 and beyond. We’ve been chosen as their partner for telephony moving forward, and have already completed the cabling work required to facilitate their new VoIP telephone system when it goes live in a few months time.

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